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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Peters decries race-based parties

New Zealand First leader Winston Peters there should be no room in New Zealand politics for race based parties.

He says if Hone Harawira sets up a new Maori party on Saturday, there will be three parties set up on a racial basis - The Maori party, the New Citizens Party which targeted Chinese voters in the Botany by-election, and the Hone party.

“A party formed on the basis of race looking out for only one type of voter, that is Maori, is not the best thing for our country and I’m not putting Maori down, I’m just saying that we have the ability to compete against the best in the world if we knuckle down and put or best foot forward and put minds to it but looking at preference on the basis of race is no way to go forward,” Mr Peters says.


Te Kupenga, the National Network of Stopping Violence, holds its first workshop in Wellington today for people working with rangatahi.

Spokesperson Parekotuku Moore says the RAP or Respect All People Whakamana Tangata initiative aims to give youth organisations practical suggestions on what they can do in their communities to change attitudes to violence.

She says the Health Ministry-funded project tries to address the problem in all its forms, such as bullying, people spreading rumours, name calling and threats of violence.

She says if rangatahi to grow up in a culture of respect, they're less likely to use violence as adults.


Maori and Polynesian dance movements are giving Auckland's Request Crew an audience of millions.

The all-female group aged from 17 and 20 won the last world hip hop dance championships.

Manager Brett Goebel says that won them a chance to compete on the MTV show America's Best Dance Crew.

“There's a huge interest in the cultural side with all the girls and their style of dance has been called Poly-swag which takes all the cultures of each of the girls and the beauty of dance and the haka and from each of them all combined together and giving their own dance style or as they say their own swag,” he says.

Request Crew is requesting whanau to vote online at the MTV website so they can stay on the show.


Te Kupenga, the National Network of Stopping Violence Services, says many organisations providing services to Maori now face an insecure future because of funding cuts.

National manager Brian Gardner says affected organisations include Tai Tokerau umbrella group Amokura, Te Rito family violence prevention, Women's refuge and women's self-defence courses.

He says the cuts don't square with the government's rhetoric of focusing on frontline services.

“There's been some excellent services who have been providing front line services to Maori who have been very uncertain about their future. They won’t know until they see these funding announcements come back in June as to whether they have got funding to continue. We need top see the right amt of money there for m the r for pacific and for al people so people can be sage, there’s a fence at the top of the cliff and we are not picking up bodies at the bottom,” Mr Gardner says.

Organisations affected by funding cuts have until tomorrow to apply for alternate funding from the new Family-Centred Services Fund.


The chair of Te Hiku Forum says the four northermost iwi hope to complete a settlement of historical claims now Ngati Kahu has gone its own way.

Haami Piripi says the forum was surprised to learn that Ngati Kahu negotiator Margaret Mutu had produced a 700 page deed of partial settlement, which she presented to the Crown a fortnight ago.

He says it's clear Ngati Kahu has a different philosophy on settlement than the other iwi.

“We've given consideration to working together with the Crown in areas like conservation, beach management and so we’ve opted for 50-50 boards which ius quite a thing to do because some people would argue that just by sitting at the same table as the Crown you would dilute the justice of the case but we don’t think so and we are pretty committed as the four other iwi in the forum to moving ahead and settling this year,” Mr Piripi says.

He says Ngati Kahu hasn't participated effectively in te Hiku Forum for more than a year.


Ngati Porou musician DJ Poroufessor, or Hone Ngata to his mother, is showing his visual art side.

A show of his Maori pop art titled Carving Beats and Rock'n the Whare has gone on show at Fresh Gallery in Otara.

Ngata says he's been drawing and carving from a young age, and the show of painted vinyl records, skateboards and four metre tekoteko is a way to pay homage to his musical influences.

They include portraits of musical mentors such as Pauly Fuemana, Howard Morrison, Hirini Melbourne and Ngoi Pewhairangi.


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