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Thursday, March 25, 2010

PM mourns Lady Raiha Mahuta

Hundreds of mourners braved cold and rain this morning as they answered the call onto Huntly's Waahi marae to pay their respects to Lady Raiha Mahuta who died yesterday aged 67.

Radio Waatea's Tainui reporter Mania Clarke attending the tangi says Prime Minister John Key who meet with Lady Raiha and Tainui leader Tukoroirangi Morgan only last Friday hit a special chord when he spoke on the paepae.


Maori are being offered scholarships to study for one of the most prestigeous MBA degrees in the world.

Cransfield School of Management in the UK says the two $30,000 scholarships will cover almost half the fees of the year's study.

New Zealand's Alumni Representative David Ryan says the university which has traditional encouraged students from around the world to undertake its Master of Business Administration degrees was highly receptive when he put forward the idea of the Maori scholarships.

He says it could be a way for iwi to train up the next generation of managers of tribal assets.

Applications for next year close in May.


New Zealand on Air is calling on the services of a number of successful Maori broadcasters to review the impact of the mainstream Maori programmes it funds.

Broadcasters Stacey Morrison, Hinewehi Mohi and Scotty Morrison will work with the Tim Thorpe Consulting group to research Maori shows made primarily in English for a general audience.

Ms Morrison says it's important for New Zealand On Air to see what impact their funding decisions have on the audience.

They will report back to NZ on Air mid-year.


The manager of the Maori action plan for the Alcohol Advisory Council says a hui on the relationship between Alcohol and Violence in Wellington yesterday reached the inevitable conclusion that the drinking age and price of booze must go up but the number of liquour outlets down.

Gilbert Taurua says the experts present including addiction expert Doug Sellman, police Commissioner Howard Broad, and the principal Judge of the Youth Court, Andrew Beecroft were firmly of the view that such action is needed to effect real change.

He says Maori are all to quick to buy into the alcohol industry's slick marketing campaigns and work is going on in South Auckland to map the relationship between alcohol abuse and violence.

Gilbert Taurua says the alcohol problem is nationwide not just in South Auckland.


Peter Turei, from Nga Aho Whakaari - Maori working in film, video and television, says the critical praise for Taika Waititi’s new film Boy shows there's an international appetite for well-told Maori stories.

He believes there's no shortage of Maori writers with good ideas.

Mr Turei is hoping there will be a similar gem amongst the scripts put forward to Te Paepae Ataata... a group of senior Maori filmmakers who mentor and fund and oversee Maori films on behalf of the NZ Film Commission.

He says almost 20 scripts have been submitted already, so the aim now is to create an environment some of those films can be made.

The long term aim has got to be a reo Maori film winning the best foreign language movie at some future Oscars.


Two Maori women who raised their children as solo parents are sparring across the parliamentary divide.

Following her introduction of legislation yesterday forcing single parents whose children reach the age of 6 to seek work social development minister Paula Bennett has come in for harsh criticism from Greens co-leader Meteria Turei.

Ms Turei says while she has not forgotten what is was like to be a solo parent on the domestic purposes benefit Paula Bennett obviously has in the way she is now attacking young mothers.

She says Paula Bennett's proposal is suggesting that beneficiaries are dodgy at heart when nothing is further from the truth with there being absolutely no evidence of systemic fraud but plenty that there are not jobs available.


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