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Monday, September 18, 2006

Te Arawa restructures for future

Te Arawa leaders will reach out to members to set up the structures which will manage the tribe's affairs now the claim to the Rotorua lakes is settled.

The Te Arawa Lakes Settlement Act passed by Parliament last week gives Te Arawa title to the beds of 13 central North Island lakes, and encourages the Rotorua District Council to consider handing over a 14th, Lake Okaro.

Te Arawa Maori Trust Board chairperson Andrew Rangiheua says the trust board will be replaced by the Te Arawa Lakes trust.

He says the boards assets will be shifted to the new body, along with the $10 million in compensation from the settlement.

Mr Rangiheuea says iwi members need to participate in the new structure.

Andrew Rangiheua says while board members were elated with the settlement, there were also tears for those Te Arawa who fought for the settlement but did not live to see it.


As finance companies get into trouble because of used car loans turning sour, a south Auckland budget advisor says many Maori and Polynesian clients they lend to couldn’t afford the money under any circumstances.

Thomas Henry from the Otahuhu Budgeting service, says many low income families buy cars, underestimating the consequences if they are unable to meet the payments.

He says people on benefits shouldn't borrow money.

Thomas Henry says some beneficiaries wrongly believe government departments can help if loan repayments are missed.


The man responsible for making the police more responsive to Maori concerns takes on a new role today as Wellington District commander.

Superintendent Pieri Munro of Ngati Maniapoto has been general manager of Maori, Pacific and ethnic affairs at Police national headquarters for the past 12 years.

He says he competed for what is one of the top operational roles in the police force because of the particular challenges of the capital posting.

Pieri Munro takes control over almost 1000 police staff in his district.

Another high profile Maori police officer, Northland district commander Viv Rickard, is shifting to head up the North Shore, Waitakere and Rodney district.


The co-leader of the Maori Party says it is inevitable Pacific Islanders will flex their political muscle in New Zealand through their own party.

Pita Sharples says while the Maori Party has a policy of inclusiveness, and welcomes members from all cultures, Pacific Islanders will eventually want a vehicle to further their political agenda.

Dr Sharples is representing the party at the funeral of the Tongan King this week.

He says It makes sense for Maori and other Polynesian peoples to work together on issues of mutual concern, but that requires relationship building.


Expectant Maori mothers are being told they need to eat the right foods during pregnancy, to lessen the chances of their babies contracting chronic illnesses later.

Auckland University of Technology professor of nutrition Elaine Rush, says a poor diet during gestation increases the risk in a number of ways.

Elaine Rush says socio economic factors can affect whether nutritional needs are met, but they can be overcome if expectant mothers have access to good information.


A leading Maori sports administrator says researching a new book into the history of Maori tennis has been a unique experience.

Dick Garret from Tuhoe, says the book, to be released later this year, marks the 80th anniversary of the Maori lawn Tennis Association.

He says stories from early last century of East Coast shepherds coming out of the bush to play on courts owned by pakeha farmers, are reminders of the humble beginnings of Maori association with the code.

Mr Garret also runs the annual Maori sports awards, a role he has assumed since the death of the awards founder, Albie Prior.


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