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Monday, July 10, 2006

Tamihere says benefit systems harming Maori

Former Labour MP John Tamihere says Maori have a benefit dependency problem the system can't fix.

Mr Tamihere says welfare is creating a social underclass not just among Maori but among other groups including Pakeha.

He says the negative response to the National Urban Maori Authority proposal for Maori social service agencies to take over delivery of benefits to Maori shows how entrenched the existing bureacracies are.

Mr Tamihere says the only people who can fix the problem are other Maori.


Let it be seen... warts and all.

That's the reaction from Maori Party co-leader Pita Sharples to a proposal to televise debating chamber, and eventually select committees.

Under the current rules, broadcasters filming in Parliament must focus on the MP speaking, but they can't do close-ups and only occasionally do wide shots.

They have also got into trouble for showing pictures of MPs sleeping in their seats.

Dr Sharples says while the behaviour of MPs in the house is not always exemplory, the public have a right to see what really goes on.


Te reo Maori sports commentator, Te Kauhoe Wano, says two Maori players may hold the key to the outcome of tomorow night's trans Tasman rugby test in Christchurch.

He says Rico Gear has worked hard over the past rwo seasons to cement his place as one of the country's top wingers, and Leon McDonald is playing solid rugby at fullback.

They're both in tremendous form and will feature prominently if the All Blacks get the ball wide.

Te Kauhoe Wano says Mr Wano says two other Maori players coming off the bench, Piri Weepu and Luke McAllistair, can also add some sting to Graeme Henry's attacking lineup.


Childrens Commissioner Cindy Kiro says parenting courses Maori are only effective if participants have the right attitude and are committed to learn new skills.

The District Court in Rotorua yesterday ordered a Rotorua woman to take an 8-week parenting course before she is sentenced on child abuse charges.

Ms Kiro says such courses are important for young and isolated parents, those who have experienced abuse or have alcohol and drug problems.

Cindy Kiro says for courses to work, parents also need to accept there there is a problem.


The Labour Party celebrates its 90th birthday with a series of parties around the country this weekend.

Former MP Koro Wetere, who held Western Maori for Labour for 27 years, says Maori were involved with the party from its earliest days, even before the 1935 compact between Michael Joseph Savage and the Ratana movement.

He says Tainui also have Labour to thank for the agreement which created the Waikato-Maniapoto Trust Board, which laid the foundation for settlement of the Tainui Raupatu claim.

Mr Wetere says the relationship between Maori and Labour is still solid, despite the rise of the Maori Party.


Hawkes Bay Hawks captain, Paora Winitana will have his work cut out for him in tomorrow nights' final of the National Basketball League against the Auckland Stars.

Maori sports commentator, Te Kauhoe Wano, says the Tall Black is playing some of the best ball in his career.

Winitana is also one of the senior players in the national team, which is preparing for the world champs.

Mr Wano says while next week's international fixture against Australia might be in the back of Winitana's mind, his immediate thought will be revenge.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

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