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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Boundary issues in south Auckland seat

The Electoral Commission has come in for criticism from the Maori Party which has found confusion among voters over which electorate they are in during campaigning in the new Waikato Hauraki electorate.

The Maori party candidate for the electorate Angeline Greensill says during weekend campaigning with co leader Pita Sharples, who is expected to win neighbouring electorate, Tamaki Makaurau, she found many Maori voters unaware of boundary changes.

“The problem we’re got is people are still unaware they’re in the Hauraki Waikato electorate, they still think they’re in Pita’s territory and so have Pita with me door knocking was really good for them,” Ms Greensill says.

Some voters living on the eastern side of the southern motorway near the botanical gardens wrongly assume Pita Sharples is still their representative in parliament.


Political commentator Chris Trotter says the smaller parties including the Maori party are going to have to project themselves into economic debate or they will be completely over-shadowed by the big parties during the election campaign.

Chris Trotter says the economic climate has completely changed but parties like the Greens don’t seem to have acknowledged this.

“They dropped the ball a little in terms of this global economic crisis because they haven’t got their heads around the fact the rules have changed. You can’t go promising big things now because the money just ain’t there. We’re heading into some very stormy seas and I think the same applies to the Maori Party. Their economic policy is a policy for the very sunny economic times,” Mr Trotter says.

The same could possibly be said for New Zealand First.


The CEO for the Whakatohea Maori Trust Board says a hectare of the seafarm they are developing off the Opototiki Coast could one day be worth as much as a hectare of land in the rohe.

Last week the government gave approval for the 3800 hectare marine development 8 km off the coast.

Watene Horesfall the Trust Board’s CEO says with careful planning and technical expertise the seafarm will not only create much needed jobs , but could one day rival land in value.

“This seafarm is something very special. In the eastern bay, it is about $34,000 to buy a hectare of land because of the price of milk solids, and this area is very good for dairying, but if this farm takes off the price per hectare is greatly going to exceed the price of land,” Mr Horsfall says.

The Board has a 54 percent stake in the venture, which includes a Chinese company and Nelson based Sealords.


Leaders of Te Ao Maori and Te Ao Pakeha have turned up to pay tribute to the long-serving Chair of the NZ Maori council Sir Graham Latimer

A symposium at Te Papa in Wellington today has been looking at Maori social and economic development and the status of the Treaty of Waitangi.


Prime Minister Helen Clark says she would get on like a house on fire with American presidential hopeful Barack Obama.

Speaking on Radio Waatea News this morning she said while a Labour led government would work with whoever is elected in the United States, Labour has particular affinity with Barack Obama's Democrat party.

Helen Clark says the US campaign is absolutely riveting being a tussle between Republican John Mc Cain, the old Vietnam veteran war horse and the charismatic gifted Democrat senator Barack Obama who she says many Maori will identify with.


Soccer Commentator and former All White International Heremaia Ngata says the under 17 women’s world championships which begin at North Harbour tonight may be the catalyst to more Maori involvement in the game.

Mr Ngata or Harry as he's known to New Zealand soccer fans says although there are not many Maori playing soccer at top level, international competitions like this are needed to encourage more tangata whenua to get involved.

The under 17 womens world cup in which 16 teams are competing kicks off tonight when New Zealand host Canada.


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