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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Taranaki mourns quiet leader

Taranaki tribes are gathering at Muru Raupatu Marae in Bell Block to mourn the loss of a humble leader.

Ted Tamati died yesterday at the age of 81.

He was a former chairperson of Tamaki Maori Trust Board, Paraninihi ki Waitotara Incorporation, Parihaka X farm and many other tribal and Maori organisations in the region.

Peter Moeahu from Te Atiawa says as a leader Mr Tamati was able to bring people together and make progress on long standing grievances like the raupatu confiscation claims and the unfair leases on Maori reserved land, which affected all Maori in Taranaki.

“One of the things he will be remembered for is his humility and his unwillingness to be in the forefront but always very happy to be in the background supporting any take that was going to make progress for our people,” Mr Moeahu says.

The funeral for Ted Tamati will be at Muru Raupatu Marae on Friday.


The Green Party says the Government needs to change its 2020 deadline for settling Treaty claims.

Its Maori affairs spokesperson says negative reports by the Waitangi Tribunal on proposed settlements with Auckland and Rotorua iwi show the change for quick deals is damaging relations between tribes.

Metiria Turei says there seems to be no strategy to reach out to smaller iwi, or look after the needs of those without strong advocates.

“If they have any modicum of sense about not creating any more injustices, then they will reform the process with Maori, and that will mean they’ll need to take a bit longer because they’ll need to deal with more groups,” Ms Turei says.

She says the only way the Crown can meet its 2020 deadline is by abusing the rights of claimants, which means settlements are unlikely to last.


The head of Maori arts marketer Te Waka Toi hopes the waka Te Ika a Maui will still get a chance to support New Zealands Americas cup team.

Alinghi boss Ernesto Bertarelli is reported to be trying to ban the waka from accompanying NZL 92 to the start line.

But Garry Nicholas says Mr Bertarelli doesn't make the rules.

A bigger problem is that the crew is now back in New Zealand.

“If we were to try to book, Emirates is already booked out, they have no flights available. Accommodation is at a premium, the prices have gone up, but more importantly, the rooms have all been booked out. So whether the logistics will allow us to respond to a phone call, we don’t know, but all I’ve asked the waka boys is to be on standby,” Mr Nicholas says.

When the waka crew first went up, Team New Zealand had just a small support group in Valencia, but now thousands of kiwis have flocked to the town, leaving little room for the paddlers to haka.


Waiariki MP Te Ururoa Flavell says the crown does not have to live with the pain created by the treaty settlement process.
He says irreparable splits may have been caused as hapuu and iwi jostle to have their grievances heard.

Marae trustees have been taken to court, there have been physical confrontations and there have been three Waitangi Tribunal reports critical of the Crown's mandating processes.

Mr Flavell says officials don't have to go back to the marae to see the problems they have caused.

“It doesn't actually matter to the Crown if those sorts of things happen, but on the ground, back at home where it counts, those things still linger in the minds of many kuia and koroua, so we have splits in whanau, splits in hapu, splits in confederation, and so it’s serious stuff,” Mr Flavell says.

Meanwhile, the Court of Appeal has reserved its decision on a challenge to the proposed settlement with Nga Kaihautu o Te Arawa, which is being brought by the Federation of Maori Authorities, the Maori Council, Ngati Tuwharetoa and Ngati Makino.

Crown lawyers told the court the settlement legislation won't be introduced until August at the earliest.


The Kingitanga is strengthening its links to other Pacific peoples.

Hawaiian leader Kalani Meineke will be at at Hopuhopu this weekend to address a wananga on this history of the Hawaiian royal dynasty.

That will be followed by a history of the Tongan kings by educator Emile Wolfgram.

Mr Meineke will be supported by performances from a 22-strong group from the Kaneohe Community College in Oahu.

Kingitanga spokesperson Mamae Takerei says the Hawaii connection is important for the movement.

“They continue to come back to Aotearoa every two years. They’ve already established a whanaungatanga. They will then, in the last part of their programme, convey in koha form a gift to King Tuheitia. This particular wanaga will be the climax of all the Kingitanga seminars that we have delivered,” Ms Takerei says.


A Rotorua health worker hopes shedding 45 kilos will inspire other Maori.

Phyllis Tangitu, the Maori health manager for the Lakes District Health Board, says she didn't feel much of a role model when she hit 160 kilos on the scales.

Ms Tangitu joined the Te Hua o Te Miro Healthy lifestyle programme run by hauora provider Te Papa Takaroa o Te Arawa.

She says it gave her a better perspective on the job.

“When this programme came up I contacted Te Papa Takaroa and said I’m here to do whatever I can to support the kaupapa,” Ms Tangitu says.

She's lost another few kilos taking part in Te Papa Takaro's 12-week Wahine Challenge, which offers a prize for the woman who loses the most weight.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ms. Tangitu should re-direct her attention to her sister Eliza Matekitawhiti Tangitu Sisley who is actively contacting married men and pretending to be a 28 year old model.

5:10 pm  
Blogger Tracey Tangitu said...

So brave of you to comment anonymously.
E.M.Tangitu is an independent elder sister who is responsible for her own actions.
Ms. Tangitu, another independent adult who is being responsible for herself and her family.
What business it is of yours, anyway?
Name and shame yourself!!

11:30 am  
Blogger Miharo Sisley-Tihema said...

To Anonymous

Where did you get your bullshit from? If you're talking about Mike Pugh from California, USA, you tell him that he found me on a Winmx internet music site and made advances to me. I did not pose as a 20 year old model; he got caught up in messing around behind his wife's back and even sent me a sexual explicit video of he masturbating himself. You go and tell he and his wife that. Don't make comments when you havn't got the facts. Give this message to Mike and his wife.You have no right to add our comment to my younger sister's very positive articles.

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